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On Naked Singularities of spacetime Curvature
Considered Schwarzschild black hole solution within General Relativity. The area of black hole event horizon attracts stable and vivid interest. The literature brief review points in IntroductionExpand
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Three and four current reversals versus temperature in correlation ratchets with a simple sawtooth potential.
Transport of Brownian particles in a simple sawtooth potential subjected to both unbiased thermal and nonequilibrium symmetric three-level Markovian noise is considered. The effects of three and fourExpand
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On the Millennium Prize Problems
There is Prize committee (claymath.org), which requires publication in worldwide reputable mathematics journal and at least two years of following scientific admiration. Why then the Grisha PerelmanExpand
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Correlation ratchets: four current reversals and disjunct "windows".
Multinoise correlation ratchets with a simple sawtooth potential are considered. It is proved that in the case of symmetric nonequilibrium three-level Markovian noise the direction and value of theExpand
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Mechanism of hypersensitive transport in tilted sharp ratchets.
The noise-flatness-induced hypersensitive transport of overdamped Brownian particles in a tilted ratchet system driven by multiplicative nonequilibrium three-level Markovian noise and additive whiteExpand
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Dark Matter and weak field limit of General Relativity
Abstract Followed the Dr. Cooperstock (the emeritus professor) idea to solve Dark Matter problem by means of Einstein’s General Relativity. Then is discovered, what the problem of galaxies (even withExpand
Is Black Hole the hole
Presented evidence, that Black Hole is hole. Namely right behind the black surface (event horizon for non-rotational BH) there are no space nor time. No spacetime. Just as it would be prior to theExpand
Derivation of Eq.(3) in Bell's Historical Paper Fails?
Unfortunately the Bell's correlation formula violates the law of logic: it is not theoretically founded. Here is shown, that it hardly can be ever founded.
On Proofs of the Poincare Conjecture
On December 22, 2006, the journal Science honored Perelman's proof of the Poincare Conjecture as the scientific ``Breakthrough of the Year", the first time this honor was bestowed in the area ofExpand
Navier Stockes Equation, Integrals of Motion and Generalization of the Equation of Continuity of the Flow of Matter to the Theory of Relativity
The use of N-S equation is of outmost important for everyday life: airplanes, ships, underwater ships, etc. So, the Clay Institute promises 1 000 000 dollars for a good solution. Present paper isExpand