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Prevalence of permanent childhood hearing impairment in the United Kingdom and implications for universal neonatal hearing screening: questionnaire based ascertainment study.
Abstract Objective: To estimate the prevalence of confirmed permanent childhood hearing impairment and its profile across age and degree of impairment in the United Kingdom. Design: RetrospectiveExpand
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Categories of Auditory Performance.
Categories of Auditory Performance (CAP) is an index consisting of eight performance categories arranged in order of increasing difficulty. It has been used to categorize 53 children who had beenExpand
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Responses of ventral cochlear nucleus onset and chopper units as a function of signal bandwidth.
1. The responses of units in the ventral cochlear nucleus in anesthetized guinea pigs have been measured to best-frequency tones, noise bands geometrically centered around the unit best frequency,Expand
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A cost-utility scenario analysis of bilateral cochlear implantation.
CONTEXT Unilateral cochlear implantation is a cost-effective intervention for profound bilateral hearing loss. There is worldwide interest in providing implants bilaterally. OBJECTIVE To useExpand
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Clinical evaluation and test-retest reliability of the IHR-McCormick Automated Toy Discrimination Test.
The IHR-McCormick Automated Toy Discrimination Test (ATT) measures the minimum sound level at which a child can identify words presented in quiet in the sound field. This 'word-discriminationExpand
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The evolution of acute renal failure, 1956-1988.
A total of 1347 patients with severe acute renal failure, treated at a single centre between 1956 and 1988, are reviewed. Only patients with an acute uraemic episode requiring dialysis and/or withExpand
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Risk factors in calcium stone disease of the urinary tract.
The concept that calcium stone formation may be explained on the basis of a number of risk factors is developed. The main risk factors involved are shown to be calcium, oxalate, pH, acidExpand
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Spinal osteoporosis in men.
In 94 men with crush fracture, 40 were found to have primary osteoporosis. Cross-sectional measurements of a number of variables related to bone in these 40 patients were compared to the values inExpand
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Necrotizing fasciitis caused by group A streptococcus infection after laser blepharoplasty.
PURPOSE To describe a patient who developed early signs of necrotizing fasciitis after undergoing laser blepharoplasty. METHODS A 36-year-old woman developed wound discharge, wound dehiscence, andExpand
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Non-use of cochlear implants by post-lingually deafened adults
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  • 1 March 2000
Abstract Objectives To document the occurrence of medical/surgical complications in the provision of cochlear implants to a cohort of post-lingually deafened adult patients; to compare cumulativeExpand
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