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Learning from Abroad: The Role of Policy Transfer in Contemporary Policy‐Making
In recent years there has been a growing body of literature within political science and international studies that directly and indirectly uses, discusses and analyzes the processes involved inExpand
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Who Learns What from Whom: A Review of the Policy Transfer Literature
It has always existed but there can be no doubt that the rapid growth in communications of all types since the Second World War has accelerated the process. Not surprisingly, the increase in policyExpand
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Policy networks in British government
Policy is not made in the electoral arena or in the gladiatorial confrontations of Parliament, but in the netherworld of committees, civil servants, professions, and interest groups. This collectionExpand
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Understanding Policy Networks: Towards a Dialectical Approach
This article has two aims. First, we develop a dialectical model of the role that policy networks play in any explanation of policy outcomes. Our model is based upon a critique of existing approachesExpand
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Uncovering CLIL : content and language integrated learning in bilingual and multilingual education
Uncovering CLIL is a practical and informative handbook which will be of use to teachers of all levels of experience. It examines language and content teaching, and reveals how the two can go hand inExpand
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Comparing policy networks
Introduction: the development of the policy network approach - Part one: Theoretical developments - Policy networks: myth, metaphor and reality - The tangled webs we weave: the discourse, strategyExpand
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Content and Language Integrated Learning
Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) is a dual-focused educational approach in which an additional language is used for the learning and teaching of both content and language. Expand
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New directions in the study of policy networks
Abstract. This paper is the product of a collaborative, comparative study of nine policy areas in British Government. It does not describe these several policy areas but summarises recent theoreticalExpand
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