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Naive Geography
Abstrac t . This paper defines the notion and concepts of N a i v e Geography, the field of study that is concerned with formal models of the common-sense geographic world. Naive Geography is theExpand
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Analysis of Axial Orientation Data, Including Till Fabrics
An error in the significance test associated with a rotational vector procedure for analysis of axial orientation data is pointed out and explained. An alternative approach already well establishedExpand
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Ontology and Geographic Kinds
An ontology of geographic kinds is designed to yield a better understanding of the structure of the geographic world, and to support the development of geographic information systems that areExpand
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Geographical categories: an ontological investigation
This paper reports the results of a series of experiments designed to establish how non-expert subjects conceptualize geospatial phenomena. Subjects were asked to give examples of geographicalExpand
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Natural-Language Spatial Relations Between Linear and Areal Objects: The Topology and Metric of English-Language Terms
relations are the basis for many selections users perform when they query geographic information systems (GISs). Although such query languages use natural-language-like terms, the formal definitionsExpand
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Next-Generation Digital Earth: A position paper from the Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of Geographic Information Science
This position paper is the outcome of a joint reflection by a group of international geographic and environmental scientists from government, industry, and academia brought together by the VespucciExpand
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Do Mountains Exist? Towards an Ontology of Landforms
The authors begin the paper with the question ‘Do mountains exist?’ They show that providing an answer to this question is surprisingly difficult and that the answer that one gives depends on theExpand
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Cognitive models of geographical space
This paper reviews research in geographical cognition that provides part of the theoretical foundation of geographical information science. Freestanding research streams in cognitive science,Expand
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Modelling Conceptual Neighbourhoods of Toplogical Line-Region Relations
Abstract Based on the 9-intersection for binary topological relations, two models of conceptual neighbourhoods among topological relations between a line and a region are developed. The snapshotExpand
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Introduction to the Varenius project
This paper introduces a special issue of the journal on the subject of Project Varenius, a three-year effort funded by the US National Science Foundation to advance geographical information science.Expand
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