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Discovery of New Hydrothermal Activity and Chemosynthetic Fauna on the Central Indian Ridge at 18°–20°S
Indian Ocean hydrothermal vents are believed to represent a novel biogeographic province, and are host to many novel genera and families of animals, potentially indigenous to Indian OceanExpand
High Connectivity of Animal Populations in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Fields in the Central Indian Ridge Relevant to Its Geological Setting
Dispersal ability plays a key role in the maintenance of species in spatially and temporally discrete niches of deep-sea hydrothermal vent environments. On the basis of population genetic analyses inExpand
The marine green and brown algae of Rodrigues (Mauritius, Indian Ocean)
The marine benthic green and brown macroalgae of Rodrigues, collected during an expedition in October 2001, are documented and 18 of the 60 taxa of Chlorophyta (53 species) and 18 species ofExpand
Acetylcholinesterase‐Inhibitory Activities of the Extracts from Sponges Collected in Mauritius Waters
Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease (AD) show a characteristic neurochemical deficit of acetylcholine, especially in the basal forebrains. The use of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors toExpand
Phylogeography of hydrothermal vent stalked barnacles: a new species fills a gap in the Indian Ocean ‘dispersal corridor’ hypothesis
Phylogeography of animals provides clues to processes governing their evolution and diversification. The Indian Ocean has been hypothesized as a ‘dispersal corridor’ connecting hydrothermal ventExpand
Marine natural products research in Mauritius: Progress and challenges
Abstract Over the past 40 years, there have been few reports describing marine natural product chemistry and related research from Mauritius. These came out from expeditions starting in the earlyExpand
Cytotoxic activities of hexane, ethyl acetate and butanol extracts of marine sponges from Mauritian Waters on human cancer cell lines.
The ocean is an exceptional source of natural products with many of them exhibiting novel structural features and bioactivity. As one of the most interesting phylum with respect to pharmacologicalExpand
Endemic Asteraceae from Mauritius Islands as Potential Phytomedicines
The present study aimed at validating the phytomedicinal properties of selected species from the Asteraceae family, namely Psiadia arguta (Pa), Psiadia viscosa (Pv) Psiadia lithospermifolia (Pl) ,Expand
Evaluation of hexane and ethyl acetate extracts of the sponge Jaspis diastra collected from Mauritius Waters on HeLa cells
Based on previous screening results, the cytotoxic effect of the hexane (JDH) and ethyl acetate extracts (JDE) of the marine sponge Jaspis diastra were evaluated on HeLa cells and the present studyExpand
Bioactive profile of Plakortis nigra, a sea sponge from Mauritius Islands
Objective: To investigate the in vitro antibacterial and antioxidant activities of crude and fractionated extracts of the Plakortis nigra (P. nigra) sea sponge from Mauritius sea waters. Methods:Expand