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A Search for Infall Motions toward Nearby Young Stellar Objects
We report observations of 47 candidate protostars in two optically thick lines [H2CO (212-111) and CS (2-1)] and one optically thin line [N2H+ (1-0)] using the IRAM 30 m, SEST 15 m, and Haystack 37 mExpand
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A Simple Model of Spectral-Line Profiles from Contracting Clouds
A simple analytic model of radiative transfer in two parts of a contracting cloud matches a wide range of line profiles in candidate infall regions and provides a sensitive estimate of Vin, theExpand
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L1544: A Starless dense core with extended inward motions
We present a multiline study of the dense core L1544 in the Taurus molecular complex. Although L1544 does not harbor an embedded star, it presents several characteristics of cores that have alreadyExpand
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Discovery of Four New Massive and Dense Cold Cores
We report the identification, from a 1.2 mm dust continuum emission survey toward massive star-forming regions, of four strong 1.2 mm sources without counterparts at mid-infrared (Midcourse SpaceExpand
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Massive Clumps in the NGC 6334 Star-forming Region
We report observations of dust continuum emission at 1.2 mm toward the star forming region NGC 6334 made with the SEST SIMBA bolometer array. The observations cover an area of $\sim 2$ square degreesExpand
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We present a survey of 28 molecular outflows driven by low-mass protostars, all of which are sufficiently isolated spatially and/or kinematically to fully separate into individual outflows. Using aExpand
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Deficit of Wide Binaries in the η Chamaeleontis Young Cluster
We have carried out a sensitive high-resolution imaging survey of stars in the young (6-8 Myr), nearby (97 pc) compact cluster around η Chamaeleontis to search for stellar and substellar companions.Expand
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Near-Infrared Spectra of Chamaeleon I Stars
We present low-resolution (R ~ 500) near-infrared spectra of 46 candidate young stellar objects in the Chamaeleon I star-forming region recently detected in several deep photometric surveys of theExpand
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MALT90: The Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz Survey
The Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz (MALT90) survey aims to characterise the physical and chemical evolution of high-mass star-forming clumps. Exploiting the unique broad frequency range andExpand
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A Triple Radio Continuum Source Associated with IRAS 16547-4247: A Collimated Stellar Wind Emanating from a Massive Protostar
We report the discovery, made using the Australia Telescope Compact Array, of a triple radio source toward IRAS 16547-4247, a luminous infrared source with a bolometric luminosity of 6.2 × 104 L☉.Expand
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