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Stool Microbiome and Metabolome Differences between Colorectal Cancer Patients and Healthy Adults
In this study we used stool profiling to identify intestinal bacteria and metabolites that are differentially represented in humans with colorectal cancer (CRC) compared to healthy controls toExpand
Root Exudates Regulate Soil Fungal Community Composition and Diversity
ABSTRACT Plants are in constant contact with a community of soil biota that contains fungi ranging from pathogenic to symbiotic. A few studies have demonstrated a critical role of chemicalExpand
Root Exudation of Phytochemicals in Arabidopsis Follows Specific Patterns That Are Developmentally Programmed and Correlate with Soil Microbial Functions
Plant roots constantly secrete compounds into the soil to interact with neighboring organisms presumably to gain certain functional advantages at different stages of development. Accordingly, it hasExpand
A/C(i) curve analysis across a range of woody plant species: influence of regression analysis parameters and mesophyll conductance.
The analysis and interpretation of A/C(i) curves (net CO(2) assimilation rate, A, versus calculated substomatal CO(2) concentration, C(i)) is dependent upon a number of underlying assumptions. TheExpand
Pyrosequencing Reveals a Highly Diverse and Cultivar-Specific Bacterial Endophyte Community in Potato Roots
In this study, we examined the bacterial endophyte community of potato (Solanum tuberosum) cultivar/clones using two different molecular-based techniques (bacterial automated ribosomal intergenicExpand
Manipulating the soil microbiome to increase soil health and plant fertility
A variety of soil factors are known to increase nutrient availability and plant productivity. The most influential might be the organisms comprising the soil microbial community of the rhizosphere,Expand
Predicting effects of climate change on Swiss needle cast disease severity in Pacific Northwest forests
Abstract Swiss needle cast of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is caused by the ascomycete Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii. Symptoms are foliage chlorosis and premature needle abscission due toExpand
A climate-based model for predicting geographic variation in swiss needle cast severity in the Oregon coast range.
ABSTRACT Since the early 1990s, Swiss needle cast disease caused by Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii has been increasing in Douglas-fir plantations in the Oregon Coast Range. Considerable variation inExpand
An ABC Transporter Mutation Alters Root Exudation of Phytochemicals That Provoke an Overhaul of Natural Soil Microbiota1[C][W][OA]
Root exudates influence the surrounding soil microbial community, and recent evidence demonstrates the involvement of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters in root secretion of phytochemicals. InExpand
Harnessing the rhizosphere microbiome through plant breeding and agricultural management
BackgroundThe need to enhance the sustainability of intensive agricultural systems is widely recognized One promising approach is to encourage beneficial services provided by soil microorganisms toExpand