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Toward multistandard mobile terminals - fully integrated receivers requirements and architectures
In the recent past, there has been an evolution in wireless communications toward multifunctions and multistandard mobile terminals. Reducing the number of external components to a minimum is keyExpand
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Second-order intermodulation mechanisms in CMOS downconverters
An in-depth analysis of the mechanisms responsible for second-order intermodulation distortion in CMOS active downconverters is proposed in this paper. The achievable second-order input interceptExpand
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An Intuitive Analysis of Phase Noise Fundamental Limits Suitable for Benchmarking LC Oscillators
An intuitive yet sufficiently accurate formulation of the phase noise of various commonly used oscillators, including most types of class-B (standard, AC-coupled and with tail filter) and class-C, isExpand
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Analysis and Design of a 54 GHz Distributed “Hybrid” Wave Oscillator Array With Quadrature Outputs
An array of distributed oscillators for millimeter-wave phased arrays combines local oscillator (LO) generation and distribution, leading to a phase noise improvement proportional to the number ofExpand
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Wireless multi-standard terminals: system analysis and design of a reconfigurable RF front-end
The availability of multi-standard terminals will be key to provide location independent connections able to take advantage of any possible infrastructure. This paper addresses both the architectureExpand
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Analysis and Design of a 195.6 dBc/Hz Peak FoM P-N Class-B Oscillator With Transformer-Based Tail Filtering
A complementary p-n class-B oscillator with two magnetically coupled second harmonic tail resonators is presented and compared to an N-only reference one. An in depth analysis of phase noise, basedExpand
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A 1.7–2.1GHz +23dBm TX power compatible blocker tolerant FDD receiver with integrated duplexer in 28nm CMOS
The first integrated duplexer compatible with a -15dBm RX blocker for up to 23dBm TX power is reported. A three winding transformer is driven at the primary by a single ended PA and drives aExpand
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A 53 GHz DCO for mm-wave WPAN
A digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) for mm-wave wireless applications is demonstrated for the first time. Low phase noise is achieved adopting an efficient complementary topology and optimizingExpand
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A fully integrated 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS direct conversion receiver front-end with on-chip LO for UMTS
This paper presents a 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS direct-conversion IC realized for the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS). The chip comprises a variable gain low-noise amplifier, quadratureExpand
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Low 1/f noise CMOS active mixers for direct conversion
The analysis of direct conversion CMOS active mixers tailored to ReFlex standard is presented. To minimize 1/f noise, the switching stage pMOS devices have large area, low biasing current. pMOS andExpand
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