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Reciprocal n-Body Collision Avoidance
In this paper, we present a formal approach to reciprocal n-body collision avoidance, where multiple mobile robots need to avoid collisions with each other while moving in a common workspace. In ourExpand
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OBBTree: a hierarchical structure for rapid interference detection
We present a data structure and an algorithm for efficient and exact interference detection amongst complex models undergoing rigid motion. The algorithm is applicable to all general polygonalExpand
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Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles for real-time multi-agent navigation
In this paper, we propose a new concept - the "Reciprocal Velocity Obstacle"- for real-time multi-agent navigation. We consider the case in which each agent navigates independently without explicitExpand
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I-COLLIDE: an interactive and exact collision detection system for large-scale environments
we present an exact and interactive collision detection system, I-COLLIDE, for large-scale environments. Such environments are characterized by the number of objects undergoing rigid motion and theExpand
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Fast BVH Construction on GPUs
We present two novel parallel algorithms for rapidly constructing bounding volume hierarchies on manycore GPUs. The first uses a linear ordering derived from spatial Morton codes to build hierarchiesExpand
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Fast Proximity Queries with Swept Sphere Volumes
We present novel algorithms for fast proximity queries using swept sphere volumes. The set of proximity queries includes collision detection and both exact and approximate separation distanceExpand
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Fast computation of generalized Voronoi diagrams using graphics hardware
We present a new approach for computing generalized 2D and 3D Voronoi diagrams using interpolation-based polygon rasterization hardware. We compute a discrete Voronoi diagram by rendering a threeExpand
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FCL: A general purpose library for collision and proximity queries
We present a new collision and proximity library that integrates several techniques for fast and accurate collision checking and proximity computation. Our library is based on hierarchicalExpand
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Appearance-preserving simplification
We present a new algorithm for appearance-preserving simplification. Not only does it generate a low-polygon-count approximation of a model, but it also preserves the appearance. This is accomplishedExpand
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Visibility culling using hierarchical occlusion maps
We present hierarchical occlusion maps (HOM) for visibility culling on complex models with high depth complexity. The culling algorithm uses an object space bounding volume hierarchy and a hierarchyExpand
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