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NA61/SHINE facility at the CERN SPS: beams and detector system
NA61/SHINE (SPS Heavy Ion and Neutrino Experiment) is a multi-purpose experimental facility to study hadron production in hadron-proton, hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions at the CERNExpand
Technical Design Report Vol. II: Ions
Measurements of H− intra-beam stripping cross section by observing a stored beam in lear
Abstract The cross section for H − “intra-beam stripping”: H − + H − → H − + H 0 + e − was measured by analysing the decay of a stored H − beam. Results ( σ max = 3.6 × 10 −15 cm 2 ± 30%) agree withExpand
JACoW : The CERN Gamma Factory Initiative: An Ultra-High Intensity Gamma Source
This contribution discusses the possibility of broadening the present CERN research programme by a new component making use of a novel concept of the light source. The proposed, Partially StrippedExpand
Performance of SPS Low transition Energy Optics for LHC Ion Beam
An optics with low transition energy has been developed in the SPS for removing intensity limitations of the LHC proton beam and has become operational towards the second part of the 2012 LHC protonExpand
LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) Project at CERN
CERN is currently carrying out an ambitious improvement programme of the full LHC Injectors chain in order to enable the delivery of beams with the challenging HL-LHC parameters. The LHC InjectorsExpand
Status of the LIU project at CERN
CERN has put in place an ambitious improvement programme to make the injector chain of the LHC capable of supplying the high intensity and high brightness beams requested by the High­Luminosity LHCExpand
The LHC Lead Injector Chain
A sizeable part of the LHC physics programme foresees lead-lead collisions with a design luminosity of 10 cms. This will be achieved after an upgrade of the ion injector chain comprising Linac3,Expand
Performance update of LEAR
A description is given of the recent performance of the LEAR storage ring. This includes the improvements made on the ultra-slow extraction (time structure, flux limitation), the progress on theExpand
Achievements in CTF3 and Commissioning status
The aim of the latest CLIC test facility CTF3, built at CERN by an international collaboration, is to prove the main feasibility issues of the CLIC two-beam acceleration technology. Several of theExpand