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From Mr Sin to Mr Big: A History of Australian Drug Laws
In this compelling legal and social history of the origins and development of drug laws in Australia, Desmond Manderson traces, in a lively and irreverent style, the gradual politicization of theExpand
From Hunger to Love: Myths of the Source, Interpretation, and Constitution of Law in Children's Literature
Children's literature is an important and wildly unappreciated source of law: a repository of myth that develops, in children, life-long understandings of law and our relationship to laws. It is notExpand
Proximity, Levinas, And the Soul of Law
"Proximity, Levinas, and the Soul of Law" links the controversial ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas to the common law legal tradition that has recently invigorated the idea of "the duty ofExpand
Metamorphoses: Clashing Symbols in the Social Construction of Drugs
In order to understand the nature and intensity of the debate over the reform of “drug” legislation, it is necessary to appreciate the aesthetic forces which influence attitudes to this question, andExpand
Songs without Music: Aesthetic Dimensions of Law and Justice
In this pathbreaking and provocative analysis of the aesthetics of law, the historian, legal theorist, and musician Desmond Manderson argues that by treating a text, legal or otherwise, as if it wereExpand
Kangaroo Courts and the Rule of Law: The Legacy of Modernism
1. Introduction 2. The Problem with the Rule of Law 3. Kangaroo 4. From and to But! 5. Polarity 6. Thirroul of Law 7. Conclusion: Of Justice and Kangaroo Courts a
Imagining Legality: Where Law Meets Popular Culture
"Imagining Legality: Where Law Meets Popular Culture" is collection of essays on the relationship between law and popular culture that posits, in addition to the concepts of law in the books and lawExpand
Bodies in the water
For all its impressive range, Tate Britain's collection of paintings by the great romantic English artist J.M.W. Turner, recently on display at the Australian National Gallery, was neverthelessExpand
When our friends and family behave irrationally, indulging in fears and behaviours that even they agree are dysfunctional, eventually we stop reasoning with them and send them to an analyst instead.Expand