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Removal of Mn(II) and Cd(II) from wastewaters by natural and modified clays
The adsorption capacities of commercial and Brazilian natural clays were evaluated to test their applications in wastewater control. We investigated the process of sorption of manganese(II) and
Alumina-catalyzed alkene epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide ☆
Abstract Inexpensive Al 2 O 3 can be used as a simple catalyst for alkene epoxidation, using anhydrous hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. This system is active and selective in the epoxidation of several
Limonene epoxidation with H2O2 promoted by Al2O3: Kinetic study, experimental design
Abstract A highly efficient oxidation of limonene with hydrogen peroxide promoted by cheap aluminum oxide has been studied. The reaction is a rare example of the epoxidation promoted by a derivative
Eucalyptus organosolv lignins: study of the hydroxymethylation and use in resols
Abstract Lignins obtained from Acetosolv and Formacell delignification of Eucalyptus grandis chips (EAc and EFo, respectively) were reacted with formaldehyde in alkaline medium. The
Xylitol: A review on the progress and challenges of its production by chemical route
Abstract Xylitol is one of the Top Value-Added chemicals from biomass released by DOE, with no petrochemical alternative. Industrially, this polyol is obtained by catalytic hydrogenation of xylose, a
Determination of tacticity in polypropylene by FTIR with multivariate calibration
A method for determination of tacticity in polypropylene (PP) using FTIR associated with multivariate analysis is presented. Blends of PP with known tacticity were prepared with isotactic,
H3PW12O40 (HPA), an efficient and reusable catalyst for biodiesel production related reactions: esterification of oleic acid and etherification of glycerol
In esterification of oleic acid with methanol at 25 °C HPA displayed the highest activity. Moreover the HPA could be reused after being transformed into its cesium salt. In the reaction of
Cyclohexane oxidation continues to be a challenge
Abstract Many efforts have been made to develop new catalysts to oxidize cyclohexane under mild conditions. Herein, we review the most interesting systems for this process with different oxidants
Preparation of Sulfonated Carbons from Rice Husk and Their Application in Catalytic Conversion of Glycerol
Sulfonated carbons were prepared from carbonized rice husk and further treatment with sulfuric acid (TC-6M, sulfuric acid 6 mol L–1 under reflux, TC-L, concentrated 96% sulfuric acid under reflux,
Biodiesel wastes: An abundant and promising source for the preparation of acidic catalysts for utilization in etherification reaction
Abstract Environmentally friendly sulfonated black carbon (BC) catalysts were prepared from biodiesel waste, glycerol. These black carbons (BCs) contain a high amount of acidic groups, mainly