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Recent Advances on InAs/InP Quantum Dash Based Semiconductor Lasers and Optical Amplifiers Operating at 1.55 $\mu$m
This paper summarizes recent advances on InAs/InP quantum dash (QD) materials for lasers and amplifiers, and QD device performance with particular interest in optical communication. We investigateExpand
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High Gain (30 dB) and High Saturation Power (11 dBm) RSOA Devices as Colorless ONU Sources in Long-Reach Hybrid WDM/TDM-PON Architecture
We propose a hybrid wavelength-division-multi-plexing/time-division-multiplexing architecture using reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers (RSOAs) for next-generation access solutions. WeExpand
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Demonstration of a heterogeneously integrated III-V/SOI single wavelength tunable laser.
A heterogeneously integrated III-V-on-silicon laser is reported, integrating a III-V gain section, a silicon ring resonator for wavelength selection and two silicon Bragg grating reflectors as backExpand
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Hybrid III--V on Silicon Lasers for Photonic Integrated Circuits on Silicon
This paper summarizes recent advances of integrated hybrid InP/SOI lasers and transmitters based on wafer bonding. At first the integration process of III-V materials on silicon is described. ThenExpand
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Giant linewidth enhancement factor and purely frequency modulated emission from quantum dot laser
Giant effective linewidth enhancement factors, close to 60, are measured on a quantum dot laser under specific biasing conditions. Consequently, 2.5 Gbit/s purely frequency modulated signal isExpand
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Widely wavelength tunable hybrid III–V/silicon laser with 45 nm tuning range fabricated using a wafer bonding technique
A hybrid III-V on silicon laser, integrating two intra-cavity ring resonators, is fabricated by using a wafer bonding technique. It achieves a thermal tuning range of 45 nm, with side modeExpand
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10 Gbit/s modulation of Reflective SOA without any electronic processing
For the first time, we demonstrate that the use of a long RSOA as remote modulator enables short distance transmission on SMF below the FEC limit at 10 Gbit/s without any electronic processing.
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Directly modulated and fully tunable hybrid silicon lasers for future generation of coherent colorless ONU.
We propose and demonstrate asymmetric 10 Gbit/s upstream--100 Gbit/s downstream per wavelength colorless WDM/TDM PON using a novel hybrid-silicon chip integrating two tunable lasers. The first laserExpand
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Monolithic dual wavelength DFB lasers for narrow linewidth heterodyne beat-note generation
We have developed a dual wavelength DFB laser for the generation of a widely tunable microwave signal. In order to obtain a narrow linewidth of the generated signal, we have focused the developmentExpand
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