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Variations in incidence of schistosomiasis in the highveld region of Zimbabwe.
An incidence study of Schistosoma haematobium and S. mansoni was carried out among 487 six--eleven-year old children attending schools situated in the highveld region of Zimbabwe from July 1982 toExpand
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Study of albendazole in the treatment of intestinal helminthiasis in Zimbabwe.
Seventy-one individuals infected with one or more intestinal nematodes participated in an open trial of albendazole. Dry stool specimens were obtained before and on day 14 and 21 post treatment andExpand
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Some epidemiological aspects of intestinal helminth infections in a farmworker community in Burma Valley.
A survey of an agricultural community in Burma Valley revealed high prevalences of hookworm (88.5%), Ascaris lumbricoides (43.5%) and other helminths, although egg output per gram of faeces was low.Expand
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