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Music enhances verbal episodic memory in Alzheimer’s disease
Introduction: Although previous studies suggest that music may facilitate verbal learning in a healthy population, such a mnemonic effect has seldom been investigated in Alzheimer’s disease (AD).Expand
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Characterization, chromosomal mapping, and expression of different polyubiquitin genes in tissues from control and heat-shocked maize seedlings.
Polyubiquitin transcripts accumulate in plant and animal cells following a heat shock. Most species have a few to several polyubiquitin genes; within a species, the genes may differ in nucleotideExpand
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Cognitive function and 99mTc-ECD brain SPECT are significantly correlated in patients with primary Sjögren syndrome: a case–control study
Objectives: To assess subclinical central nervous system (CNS) involvement in primary Sjögren syndrome (pSS), by comparing standard brain MRI, in-depth neuropsychological testing and 99mTc-ECD brainExpand
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Évaluation des capacités de mémoire épisodique de sujets âgés illettrés.
L’evaluation des fonctions cognitives chez un sujet illettre est particulierement difficile. La plupart des tests neuropsychologiques evaluant la memoire episodique du sujet âge ont ete valides dansExpand
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TNI-93: A New Memory Test for Dementia Detection in Illiterate and Low-Educated Patients.
OBJECTIVE To validate the TNI-93 test in illiterate and low-educated subjects by setting cutoff scores to discriminate non-demented and demented subjects in a clinical setting (CESILL) and verifyingExpand
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The TMA-93: A New Memory Test for Alzheimer’s Disease in Illiterate and Less Educated People
The present study aimed at validating the Memory Associative Test of the district of Seine-Saint-Denis (TMA)-93, a new test of episodic memory. The TMA-93 was proposed to mostly less educated andExpand
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Superficial siderosis of the central nervous system: a rare cause of dementia with therapeutic consequences.
A 75-year-old patient was evaluated for dementia. His past medical history included an ischaemic cardiomyopathy treated with aspirin daily. His neurological examination showed mild ataxia syndromeExpand
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Characterization, chromosomal mapping, and expression of different ubiquitin fusion protein genes in tissues from control and heat-shocked maize seedlings.
Organisms possess at least two multigene families of ubiquitins: the polyubiquitins, with few to several repeat units, which encode a ubiquitin monomer, and the ubiquitin fusion (or extension)Expand
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L’atrophie corticale postérieure
L’atrophie corticale posterieure (ACP) s’inscrit dans le cadre des atrophies focales progressives. L’ACP, initialement decrite en 1902 par Pick, est une affection rare et peu connue. Elle estExpand
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Posterior cortical atrophy as an extreme phenotype of GRN mutations.
IMPORTANCE Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) is characterized by progressive visuoperceptual and visuospatial deficits and commonly considered to be an atypical variant of Alzheimer disease. MutationsExpand
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