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Parallel Problem Solving from Nature
Chemical-induced resistance against powdery mildew in barley: the effects of chitosan and benzothiadiazole
Both BTH and CHT induced oxidative burst and phenolic compound deposition in treated leaves, creating an hostile environment that slowed down the fungal spreading by impairing haustorium development. Expand
Iron availability affects the function of mitochondria in cucumber roots.
The data show that mitochondria and the electron transport chain are an important target of Fe limitation and thatochondria modify their function to meet higher demands for organic acids while restricting the activity of enzymes with Fe cofactors. Expand
Textural and structural changes of dehydrofreeze-thawed strawberry slices: Effects of different dehydration pretreatments / Cambios texturales y estructurales de rodajas de fresa deshidratadas y
Partial removal of water through air dehydration, dewatering-impregnation-soaking in concentrated solutions (DIS) or their combination, has been applied to strawberry slices before freezing in orderExpand
Histological studies on the mycoparasitism of Cladosporium tenuissimum on urediniospores of Uromyces appendiculatus.
Interactions between the mycoparasite Cladosporium tenuissimum and the bean rust Uromyces appendiculatus were studied through light and electron microscopy in vitro at the host-parasite interface, providing additional observations on a genus besides Melampsora and Cronartium. Expand
Phenotypic and histochemical traits of the interaction between Plasmopara viticola and resistant or susceptible grapevine varieties
Some hybrids were able to maintain an intermediate-resistant behaviour even when inoculated with the most virulent strain, suggesting that no costs are associated with virulence. Expand
Study of the influence of berry-blanching on syneresis in blueberry purées
Abstract A wider range of fruit-based products, preserving high nutritional and sensory attributes, aid towards achieving a healthy diet. Pigmented fruit, specially blueberries, are a natural sourceExpand
Effect of osmosis time on structure, texture and pectic composition of strawberry tissue
The effect on strawberry tissue of an osmotic step applied at atmospheric pressure for different lengths of time, was analysed. In this work, the specific influence of osmotic treatments with sucroseExpand
Host-Parasite Relationship in a Susceptible and a Resistant Rose Cultivar Inoculated with Sphaerotheca pannosa.
One of the factors of rose resistance to powdery mildew might be the capacity to synthesize large amounts of phenolic compounds, also in view of the fact that the vacuoles of healthy epidermal cells are strongly electron opaque in rose Q. Elizabeth, while they are much more transparent in rose Cardinal. Expand
Possible role of chitosan in the interaction between barley and Erysiphe graminis after tetraconazole treatment
The results showed that after TC treatment the amount of chitosan increase in the cell walls of hyphae and haustoria, and also in the haustorial encasements. Expand