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Measuring Computed Tomography Scanner Variability of Radiomics Features
The variability in the values of radiomics features calculated on CT images from different CT scanners can be comparable to the variability in these features found in CT images of NSCLC tumors.
Intrinsic dependencies of CT radiomic features on voxel size and number of gray levels
The impact of slice thickness and pixel spacing on radiomics features extracted from Computed Tomography (CT) phantom images acquired with different scanners as well as different acquisition and reconstruction parameters was investigated.
Measurement of the W boson mass.
This is the most precise measurement from a single experiment of the W boson mass in W-->e(nu) decays using 1 fb-1 of data collected with the D0 detector during Run II of the Fermilab Tevatron collider.
Delta-radiomics features for the prediction of patient outcomes in non–small cell lung cancer
The results suggest radiomics features change due to radiation therapy and their values at the end of treatment may be indicators of tumor response.
Observation of single top-quark production.
We report observation of the electroweak production of single top quarks in pp[over ] collisions at sqrt[s]=1.96 TeV based on 2.3 fb(-1) of data collected by the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron
Search for long-lived charged massive particles with the D0 detector.
Time-of-flight information is used to search for pair produced long-lived tau sleptons, gauginolike charginos, and Higgsino-like charginos and finds no evidence of a signal.
Measurement of color flow in tt̄ events from pp̄ collisions at √s=1.96TeV
We present the first measurement of the color representation of the hadronically decaying W boson in tt events, from 5.3 fb -1 of integrated luminosity collected with the D0 experiment. A novel
3D prompt gamma imaging for proton beam range verification.
3D PG imaging for proton range verification under clinical beam delivery conditions is possible with a single Compton camera, and shifts in the proton beam range as small as 2 mm could be detected for delivery of a 2 Gy spot.
Harmonizing the pixel size in retrospective computed tomography radiomics studies
Applying a correction based on resampling and Butterworth low-pass filtering in the frequency domain effectively reduced variability in CT radiomics features caused by variations in pixel size.
Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry.
It is shown that like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry in semileptonic b-hadron decays differs by 3.2 standard deviations from the standard model prediction, and provides first evidence of anomalous CP violation in the mixing of neutral B mesons.