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Introduction to Statistical Mediation Analysis
Preface. Introduction. Applications of the Mediation Model. Single Mediator Model. Single Mediator Model Details. Multiple Mediator Model. Path Analysis Mediation Models. Latent Variable MediationExpand
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A comparison of methods to test mediation and other intervening variable effects.
A Monte Carlo study compared 14 methods to test the statistical significance of the intervening variable effect. An intervening variable (mediator) transmits the effect of an independent variable toExpand
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Required Sample Size to Detect the Mediated Effect
Mediation models are widely used, and there are many tests of the mediated effect. One of the most common questions that researchers have when planning mediation studies is, “How many subjects do IExpand
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Confidence Limits for the Indirect Effect: Distribution of the Product and Resampling Methods
The most commonly used method to test an indirect effect is to divide the estimate of the indirect effect by its standard error and compare the resulting z statistic with a critical value from the standard normal distribution. Expand
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Mediation analysis.
Mediating variables are prominent in psychological theory and research. A mediating variable transmits the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable. Differences between mediatingExpand
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Estimating Mediated Effects in Prevention Studies
The purpose of this article is to describe statistical procedures to assess how prevention and intervention programs achieve their effects. The analyses require the measurement of intervening orExpand
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Equivalence of the Mediation, Confounding and Suppression Effect
This paper describes the statistical similarities among mediation, confounding, and suppression. Each is quantified by measuring the change in the relationship between an independent and a dependentExpand
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Multilevel Modeling of Individual and Group Level Mediated Effects
This article combines procedures for single-level mediational analysis with multilevel modeling techniques in order to appropriately test mediational effects in clustered data. A simulation studyExpand
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RMediation: An R package for mediation analysis confidence intervals
This article describes the RMediation package,which offers various methods for building confidence intervals (CIs) for mediated effects. Expand
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A Simulation Study of Mediated Effect Measures.
Analytical solutions for point and variance estimators of the mediated effect, the ratio of the mediated to the direct effect, and the proportion of the total effect that is mediated were studiedExpand
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