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Visual Stability and Voluntary Eye Movements
When the eyes or the body are moved so that the retinal image changes, the resulting signals from the retina resemble in some respects those which would have been generated if the eyes had been stationary and part of the visual world had moved. Expand
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The mystery of the mind
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The Epistemological Problem for Automata
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Differential responsiveness of simple and complex cells in cat striate cortex to visual texture
SummaryThe responsiveness of 254 simple and complex striate cortical cells to various forms of static and dynamic textured visual stimuli was studied in cats, lightly anaesthetised with N2O/O2Expand
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The psychology of seeing.
  • D. MacKay
  • Medicine
  • Transactions of the ophthalmological societies of…
  • 1973
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Quantal aspects of scientific information
  • D. MacKay
  • Computer Science
  • Trans. IRE Prof. Group Inf. Theory
  • 1 February 1953
This paper is an attempt to clarify some aspects of the approach to experimentation suggested by the author in a recent publication in the Philosophical Magazine, (hereafter referred to as P.M.). Expand
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  • D. MacKay
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of general psychology
  • 1 April 1965
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Psychophysics of Perceived Intensity: A Theoretical Basis for Fechner's and Stevens' Laws
A "matching-response" model of psychophysical judgment is proposed, in terms of which power-law relationships would be expected between perceived intensity and stimulus strength, even thoughExpand
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On-line source-density computation with a minimum of electrodes.
  • D. MacKay
  • Medicine
  • Electroencephalography and clinical…
  • 1 December 1983
An economical arrangement is described whereby the Laplacean of the scalp potential distribution delta2V/delta X2 + delta 2V/delta y2 can be approximately computed by analog methods, using a simpleExpand
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Cerebral Organization and the Conscious Control of Action
Our aim in this symposium, as Sir John Eccles has reminded us, is to “search for new insights” into the cerebral basis of consciousness. This is an opportunity to take stock of our armament andExpand
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