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Scaper: A library for soundscape synthesis and augmentation
Given a collection of iso-lated sound events, Scaper acts as a high-level sequencer that can generate multiple soundscapes from a single, probabilistically defined, “specification”, to increase the variability of the output.
Seeing Sound
Results show that more complex audio scenes result in lower annotator agreement, and spectrogram visualizations are superior in producing higher quality annotations at lower cost of time and human labor.
Reconfigurable Autonomous Novel Guitar Effects ( RANGE )
The RANGE guitar is a minimally-invasive hyperinstrument incorporating electronic sensors and integrated digital signal processing (DSP) that leverages established techniques and preserves the natural gestures of each player's idiosyncratic performing style.
STARI: A self tuning auto-monochord robotic instrument
STARS is an attempt to standardize certain existing actuated string techniques in order to establish a formal system for experimentation and pedagogy and is intended to be open-source.
El-Lamellophone A Low-cost, DIY, Open Framework for Acoustic Lemellophone Based Hyperinstruments
The El-Lamellophone (El-La) is an intuitive, performer designed, hybrid electro-acoustic instrument, idiomatic computer interface, and robotic acoustic instrument in one framework.