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[Functional status, myocardial metabolism and immunologic shifts in experimental myocardial infarction and its treatment with cyclophosphamide and 6-mercaptopurine].
The results of the investigation show the incongruity to use cyclophosphamide immunodepressants and 6-mercaptopurine under myocardial infarction as they inhibit immunological reactivity, deteriorate coronary circulation and myocardIAL metabolism as well as retard reparative processes in the cardiac muscle. Expand
[Effect of the prolonged use of streptomycin as well as streptomycin in combination with tubazid on the bioelectrical activity of the brain in experimental tuberculosis].
The effect of streptomycin used alone and in combination with tubazid on the brain electric activity was studied in chronic experiments on rabbits with tuberculosis and changes in the electrocorticogrammes should be attributed to the neurotropic effect of the drug. Expand
[Comparative evaluation of cardiotropic effects of nicamag, panangin and asparkam].
A beneficial effect of the drug on carbohydrate, energy and electrolyte metabolism in the myocardium was discovered to underlie the therapeutic effect of nicamag. Expand