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Naturalization and invasion of alien plants: concepts and definitions
It is proposed that the term ‘invasive’ should be used without any inference to environmental or economic impact, and terms like ‘pests’ and ‘weeds’ are suitable labels for the 50–80% of invaders that have harmful effects. Expand
A proposed unified framework for biological invasions.
A unified framework for biological invasions is proposed that reconciles and integrates the key features of the most commonly used invasion frameworks into a single conceptual model that can be applied to all human-mediated invasions. Expand
Plant invasions — the role of mutualisms
The view that tightly coevolved, plant‐vertebrate seed dispersal systems are extremely rare is supported and perspectives on mutualisms in screening protocols will improve the ability to predict whether a given plant species could invade a particular habitat. Expand
Effects of Invasive Alien Plants on Fire Regimes
A multiphase model describing the interrelationships between plant invaders and fire regimes is presented, a system for evaluating the relative effects of invaders and prioritizing them for control is provided, and ways to restore pre-invasion fire regime properties are recommended. Expand
Alien plants in checklists and floras: towards better communication between taxonomists and ecologists
Recommendations are outlined on how to deal with the issue of plant invasions in standard floras with the aim of contributing to a better understanding between taxonomists and ecologists and allowing more detailed comparative analyses of alien floras of various regions of the world. Expand
Trees and shrubs as invasive alien species – a global review
The objectively compiled list of invasive species presented here provides a snapshot of the current dimensions of the phenomenon and will be useful for screening new introductions for invasive potential. Expand
Novel ecosystems: theoretical and management aspects of the new ecological world order
We e xplore the issues relevant to those types of ecosystems containing new combinations of species that arise through human action, environmental change, and the impacts of the deliberate andExpand
Plant invasions: merging the concepts of species invasiveness and community invasibility
Concepts, hypotheses and theories reviewed here can be linked to the naturalization-invasion continuum concept, which relates invasion processes with a sequence of environmental and biotic barriers that an introduced species must negotiate to become casual, naturalized and invasive. Expand
Traits Associated with Invasiveness in Alien Plants: Where Do we Stand?
Any organism must be equipped for life in a given environment, otherwise it will die. The fundamental question is how well does an organism need to be “equipped”, or what syndrome of traits must itExpand
Riparian vegetation: Degradation, alien plant invasions, and restoration prospects
Rivers are conduits for materials and energy; this, the frequent and intense disturbances that these systems experience, and their narrow, linear nature, create problems for conservation ofExpand