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Water quality assessment of the Sinos River, Southern Brazil.
Poor water quality in the Sinos River presents a worrying scenario for the region, since this river is the main source of water supply for the urban core and has an area of approximately 800 km², encompassing 32 municipalities. Expand
Qualidade de vida relacionada à saúde de escolares do ensino fundamental de Campo Bom, RS Health-related quality of life of elementary school students of Campo Bom, RS
The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to as sess health related quality of life (HRQoL) of 9 th grade students from a public Elementary School in the city of Campo Bom, RS. The sample wasExpand
Selection and identification of the indicators for quickly measuring sustainability in micro and small furniture industries
The continued existence of life on the planet depends on the quality of the environment, which is responsible for providing humanity’s basic resources. The concept of sustainability was thought up inExpand
An analysis of the sustainability index of micro- and small-sized furniture industries
The measurement of the sustainability level can bring benefits to organizations, particularly in integrating traditional and sustainable management. Thus, the scope of this study is to structure aExpand
Surface water quality in the Sinos River basin, in Southern Brazil: tracking microbiological contamination and correlation with physicochemical parameters
It is corroborated that only the viral assay itself is reliable for the diagnosis of fecal contamination by viruses in environmental samples, and a small, nonconstant, and unstable correlation between viruses and physicochemical parameters is observed. Expand
Microbial risk assessment in recreational freshwaters from southern Brazil.
Results show that commonly used bacterial indicators for water quality may not infer health risks associated with viruses in recreational freshwaters. Expand
Integrated assessment of air pollution by metals and source apportionment using ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) in southern Brazil
The anthropogenic impact on air pollution in the investigated area could be clearly demonstrated with the proposed method: biomonitoring with L. multiflorum and active monitoring in areas with different levels of urbanization and industrialization. Expand
Human adenovirus spread, rainfalls, and the occurrence of gastroenteritis cases in a Brazilian basin
Findings indicate a possible relationship between the occurrence of rainfalls after dry periods and an increase in the number of gastroenteritis cases and in HAdV load quantified in surface water collected for conventional potabilization. Expand
History of water quality parameters - a study on the Sinos River/Brazil.
The descriptive analysis of the WQI and its parameters showed that the water quality of the Sinos River is concerning low, which reaffirms that it is one of the most polluted rivers in Brazil. Expand
Physical characterization of a watershed through GIS: a study in the Schmidt stream, Brazil.
The physical characterization of the Schmidt stream watershed was performed using geographic information system - GIS to the process of obtaining maps of land use and occupation, pedologicaland geological, and using climatological data from the Campo Bom meteorological station to serve as the basis for a tool that helps in the integrated environmental management of watersheds. Expand