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Minimum utility usage in heat exchanger network synthesis : a transportation problem
This paper formulates the minimum utility calculation for a heat exchanger network synthesis as a “transportation problem” from linear programming, allowing one to develop an effective interactiveExpand
Formulas for calculating the heating value of coal and coal char: Development, tests, and uses
The hea t ing ( c a l o r i f i c ) value of c o a l and char is of g r e a t importance i n t h e conversion of coa l t o o t h e r u s e f u l forms of f u e l , as w e l l a s i n its d i r e c tExpand
Catalytic Decomposition of Nitric Oxide on Zirconia by Electrolytic Removal of Oxygen
Zirconia stabilized with 8 mole per cent of scandia has a very high oxygen ion conductivity and can "pump" oxygen from oxygen‐bearing gases thus decomposing them. In this study the rate ofExpand
Indomethacin-responsive hypercalcemia in a patient with renal-cell adenocarcinoma.
A case is reported of a man who experienced hypercalcemia as a result of developing liver and renal-cell cancer. Repeated skeletal surveys and bone scans failed to reveal any bone metastases. TheExpand
Formulas for calculating the calorific value of coal and coal chars: Development, tests, and uses
Abstract A new formula for calculating the calorific value of coal from its ultimate analysis has been obtained by regression analysis of a data bank consisting of data on 775 samples of U.S. coalsExpand
Strength-interval relation for ventricular functional refractoriness.
Successful initiation and termination of presumed reentrant ventricular tachycardia frequently depends on the ability to deliver closely coupled impulses to the region of the tachycardia origin. ToExpand
Chemistry of ash agglomeration in the U-GAS® process☆
Abstract The U-GAS ® Process has been developed by the Institute of Gas Technology to produce a low-to medium-Btu (150 to 300 Btu/SCF) fuel gas from coal in an environmentally acceptable manner. TheExpand
SINCE the original description of the syndrome of bronchogenic carcinoma complicated by inappropriate antidiuresis in 1957,2 18 cases have been reported in detail.2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16Expand