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Expression of hepatitis B surface antigen in transgenic plants.
Because the HBsAg produced in transgenic plants is antigenically and physically similar to theHBsAg particles derived from human serum and recombinant yeast, which are used as vaccines, it is concluded that transgenic Plants hold promise as low-cost vaccine production systems. Expand
Dopaminergic neurons in the human retina
The utilization of dopamine in the adult human retina was examined by using high‐affinity uptake, localization, synthesis, and release as neurotransmitter‐specific physiological probes to demonstrate that mechanisms for dopamine neurotransmission are present in the human retina. Expand
Autoradiographic demonstration of ocular-dominance columns in the monkey striate cortex by means of transneuronal transport.
If radioactive substances were transported transneuronally, injection of labeled material into one eye followed by autoradiography of the cortex might reveal the entire system of ocular-dominance columns. Expand
Neurotransmitter synthesis in inner ear and lateral line sense organs
Several findings suggest that acetylcholine is the efferent transmitter: i.p.s.s in hair cells, as well as the ensuing inhibition of afferent discharge, can be blocked by curare2–5; both acetylCholine esterase and choline acetyltransferase have been found in the efferential fibres6–9. Expand
Prenatal development of gabaergic, glycinergic, and dopaminergic neurons in the rabbit retina
By the authors' criteria, putative GABAergic and glycinergic amacrine cells are mature between postnatal day 10 (P10) and P12, around the time when the eyes first open and direction-selective ganglion cells can first be recorded. Expand
Isolated cells from a mammalian retina
Localization of GABA immunoreactivity in the auditory brainstem of guinea pigs
Using an antibody against GABA, neurons within the guinea pig hindbrain, midbrain and forebrain auditory nuclei were identified which demonstrate GABA-like immunoreactivity. GABA-positive cells wereExpand
Synaptic chemistry of identified cells in the vertebrate retina.
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  • 1976
The separation, physical characterization, and differentiation kinetics of spermatogonial cells of the mouse.
By means of the velocity sedimentation technique for cell separation, single cell suspensions from the testes of the mouse could be separated into at least seven peaks each with a different sedimentation velocity, which enabled us to determine the differentiation patterns of mouse spermatogenesis by following the thymidine label with time. Expand
Immunocytochemical localisation of L-glutamic acid decarboxylase in the goldfish retina
It is shown that in the goldfish retina, GAD is localised in specific interneurones: type H1 horizontal cells and probably type Ab pyriform amacrine cells, which have been shown to be both pre- and postsynaptic to red-sensitive cones and red- sensitive centre-depolarising bipolar cells, respectively. Expand