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Basic objects in natural categories
Abstract Categorizations which humans make of the concrete world are not arbitrary but highly determined. In taxonomies of concrete objects, there is one level of abstraction at which the most basicExpand
Occurrence and Paleoecology of Marsilea from the Eocene Wasatch Formation, Johnson County, Wyoming
Abstract Fossil Marsiliaceae, referable to Marsilea (also known as water clover or pepperwort), were found as impressions in baked claystone (clinker) of the Eocene Wasatch Formation near Buffalo,Expand
Fidelity Requirements for Army Aviation Training Devices: Issues and Answers
Abstract : The Future Aviation Simulation Strategies Study Group, sponsored by the U.S. Army Aviation Warfighting Center Directorate of Simulation, presented key questions to the Army ResearchExpand
Use of Virtual Environments for the Acquisition of Spatial Knowledge: Comparison Among Different
This experiment investigated the effects of three visual display systems differing in immersiveness: A wide field of view (FOV) 3-D helmet-mounted display (HMD); a 3-D HMD with a narrow FOV; and a ...
Utility of a Personal Computer Aviation Training Device for Helicopter Flight Training
Abstract : Personal Computer Aviation Training Devices (PCATDs) have recently been shown to support beginning flight training both in the private sector and the military. These positive results areExpand
Machines are being modified and working methods changed to reflect the latest research into British Rail's ballast cleaning process. Refinements can reduce the volume of stone used and raise theExpand
Learning in a Synthetic Environment: The Effect of Visual Display, Presence, and Simulator Sickness.
Abstract : Soldiers explored a synthetic representation of an Army heliport under three visual display conditions: (1) wide field of view (FOV) helmet mounted display, (2) narrow FOV helmet mountedExpand
Persians as Centaurs in Xenophon's Cyropaedia
Cyrus depends on the traditional virtues of the Persians, but must introduce a new understanding of virtue to make them an imperial people, coupling Median luxury with Persian restraint. The collapseExpand
Disney World as Structure and Symbol: Re‐Creation of the American Experience
It has been said that the Disney theme parks are the cities America wishes it had; immune to death and taxes, clean, orderly, crime-free family style environments of optimism and nostalgia,Expand