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Lipid content and fatty acid composition of Mediterranean macro-algae as dynamic factors for biodiesel production
Seasonal variations in pH, salinity and temperature had no significant effect on the total lipid and fatty acid contents, and methyl ester profiles indicate that brown and green seaweeds are preferred, followed by red seaweeds, which appears to have little potential for oil-based products. Expand
Fatty Acids Composition and Biodiesel Characterization of Dunaliella salina
This study discusses the perspectives regarding the green alga Dunaliella salina Toed for biodiesel manufacturing purposes and concludes that culture optimization coupled with genetic improvement will definitely represent contributions to bring about innovation in oil-producing D. salina that will ultimately meet with success. Expand
Evaluation of non-viable biomass of Laurencia papillosa for decolorization of dye waste water
The uptake of fast orange dye by the red seaweed Laurencia papillosa has been demonstrated in order to explore its potential use as low-cost adsorbent. The adsorption kinetics of fast orange dye onExpand
Heavy Metals Bioaccumulation by the Green Alga Cladophora herpestica in Lake Mariut, Alexandria, Egypt
The present study was carried out to evaluate the concentrations of some trace metals in the water of Lake Mariut and their accumulation in tissues of the green alga (Cladophora herpestica). SamplingExpand