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Abstract This report describes the results of nonvolant mammal inventory fieldwork at Paracou, a lowland rainforest locality in northern French Guiana, and concludes the faunal analysis introduced byExpand
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On the Contents of Gracilinanus Gardner and Creighton, 1989, with the Description of a Previously Unrecognized Clade of Small Didelphid Marsupials
Abstract Five nominal species of small didelphid marsupials previously referred to Gracilinanus differ conspicuously from the type species (G. microtarsus) and from all of the other valid taxa thatExpand
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Description of a New Genus and Species of Rodent (Murinae, Muridae, Rodentia) from the Khammouan Limestone National Biodiversity Conservation Area in Lao PDR
Abstract Saxatilomys paulinae, a new genus and species of murid rodent in the Dacnomys Division is described. It is based on two whole specimens and 14 individuals represented by fragments recoveredExpand
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A Review of Peroryctes broadbenti, the Giant Bandicoot of Papua New Guinea
ABSTRACT The giant bandicoot, Peroryctes broadbenti (Ramsay, 1879), is represented in museum collections by 23 specimens collected at 12 localities in the lowlands of the southeastern peninsula (theExpand
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A survey of small mammals from Mt. Tay Con Linh II, Vietnam, with the description of a new species of Chodsigoa (Insectivora: Soricidae)
A survey of small mammals from Mt. Tay Con Linh II, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam (22°45'27"N, 104°49'49"E) resulted in the capture of 17 species of bat, insectivore, and rodent: Cynopterus sphinx,Expand
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Description of a new species of Crocidura (Soricomorpha : Soricidae, Crocidurinae) from Ke Go Nature Reserve, Vietnam
A new species of Crocidura is described from the Ke Go Nature Reserve in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam. Its small body size and conspicuous brownish black mystacial patches on the muzzle above the upperExpand
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A Revision of the Didelphid Marsupial Genus Marmosa Part 1. The Species in Tate's ‘Mexicana’ and ‘Mitis’ Sections and Other Closely Related Forms
Abstract We revise the nominal species of mouse opossums currently synonymized with Marmosa mexicana Merriam, 1897, and M. robinsoni Bangs, 1898, which include all of the trans-Andean taxa currentlyExpand
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Chapter 10. Descriptions of New Species of Crocidura (Soricomorpha: Soricidae) from Mainland Southeast Asia, with Synopses of Previously Described Species and Remarks on Biogeography
Abstract The species of Crocidura occurring in southern China, northern Myanmar and Vietnam, are reviewed and defined based on morphology and multivariate analyses. Three new species are described:Expand
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A new genus for a rare African vespertilionid bat: insights from South Sudan
Abstract A new genus is proposed for the strikingly patterned African vespertilionid “Glauconycteris” superba Hayman, 1939 on the basis of cranial and external morphological comparisons. A review ofExpand
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