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Basic Concepts of String Theory
The Classical Bosonic String.- The Quantized Bosonic String.- Introduction to Conformal Field Theory.- Parametrization Ghosts and BRST Quantization.- String Perturbation Theory and One-LoopExpand
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Lectures on string theory
This book provides an introduction to string theory, at present one of the fastest-growing areas in theoretical high-energy physics. It introduces modern techniques and concepts, such as conformalExpand
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T-duality and closed string non-commutative (doubled) geometry
We provide some evidence that closed string coordinates will become non-commutative turning on geometrical fluxes and/or H-field flux background in closed string compactifications. This is in analogyExpand
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Stationary solutions of N = 2 supergravity
Abstract We discuss general bosonic stationary configurations of N = 2, D = 4 supergravity coupled to vector multiplets. The requirement of unbroken supersymmetries imposes constraints on theExpand
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A ten-dimensional action for non-geometric fluxes
The NSNS Lagrangian of ten-dimensional supergravity is rewritten via a change of field variables inspired by Generalized Complex Geometry. We obtain a new metric and dilaton, together with an antiExpand
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Heterotic domain wall solutions and SU(3) structure manifolds
A bstractWe examine compactifications of heterotic string theory on manifolds with SU(3) structure. In particular, we study $ \mathcal{N} = {{1} \left/ {2} \right.} $ domain wall solutions whichExpand
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3-cocycles, non-associative star-products and the magnetic paradigm of R-flux string vacua
A bstractWe consider the geometric and non-geometric faces of closed string vacua arising by T-duality from principal torus bundles with constant H-flux and pay attention to their double phase spaceExpand
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Non-associative deformations of geometry in double field theory
A bstractNon-geometric string backgrounds were proposed to be related to a nonassociative deformation of the space-time geometry. In the flux formulation of double field theory (DFT), the structureExpand
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Asymmetric orbifolds, non-geometric fluxes and non-commutativity in closed string theory
A bstractIn this paper we consider a class of exactly solvable closed string flux backgrounds that exhibit non-commutativity in the closed string coordinates. They are realized in terms ofExpand
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Double field theory on group manifolds
A bstractA new version of double field theory (DFT) is derived for the exactly solvable background of an in general left-right asymmetric WZW model in the large level limit. This generalizes theExpand
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