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Jasmonic Acid and Herbivory Differentially Induce Carnivore-Attracting Plant Volatiles in Lima Bean Plants
Chemical as well as behavioral analyses demonstrate that spider mite damage and JA treatment have similar, although not identical, effects on volatile induction in Lima bean plants.
Improvement of anaerobic soil disinfestation.
Gas production of CO2, NH3, H2S, CH4 and N2O and gas consumption of O2 and production of fatty acids during ASD proved to depend on type of organic materials, soil type, temperature, dosage and exposure time, which may lead to a more reliable, effective and quicker soil disinfestation.
Biological soil disinfestion in forced shrubs
Vermindering wortelproblemen Miltonia (Miltoniopsis)
Bij de teelt van Miltonia (Miltoniopsis) komen veel wortelproblemen voor. Planten komen los op de pot te staan en vallen weg. Onderzoek gefinancierd door het Productschap Tuinbouw heeft laten zien
Emissions of plant protection products to surface water from soilless greenhouse cropping systems
VERMEULEN T., VAN DER LINDEN A.M.A., VAN OS E.A. , CORNELESE A.A. , LUDEKING D.J.W., WIPFLER E.L. 1 Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, P.O. Box 644, 6700 AP, Wageningen, the Netherlands 2 RIVM,