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Tensor Properties of Crystals
Crystals and crystal symmetry - structure of solids close-packing structures two-dimensional lattices three-dimensional lattices crystallographic indices for planes - Miller indices crystallographic
The growth and electrical properties of single crystal Cd3As2 platelets
Single crystal platelets of Cd3As2 having carrier concentrations less than 1024 m−3 have been grown from the vapour in the presence of argon gas and excess cadmium vapour. It is shown that the
Semiconducting, pyroelectric and chlorine-sensing properties of ytterbium bisphthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett thin films
The variation of the electrical conductivity of ytterbium bisphthalocyanine 25-layer Langmuir–Blodgett (LB) films with temperature, time and in the presence of air, N2 and 5 ppm Cl2 in N2, has been
Collisions between elastic bodies: Newton's cradle
A form of Newton's cradle is described in which spheres of different sizes can be used and overall collision times measured using a BBC microcomputer. It is shown that collision times cannot be
Monoclonal antibody therapy for cancer.
Thermomagnetic effects in cadmium arsenide
Adiabatic and isothermal thermomagnetic coefficients have been obtained for cadmium arsenide in the temperature range 65-300°K. By assuming acoustic scattering and a single parabolic conduction band