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Morphology of a specimen of Supersaurus (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Morrison Formation of Wyoming, and a re-evaluation of diplodocid phylogeny
A new specimen of Supersaurus vivianae is described, providing additional information about the osteology of Supersaurus. The single Supersaurus individual that the WDC quarry produced allows a re-Expand
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ABSTRACT The Lower Triassic Red Peak Formation of the Chugwater Group has long been considered to have an extremely poor paleontological record, although the cause for the apparent dearth of fossilsExpand
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Cytochrome c interaction with hematite (α-Fe2O3) surfaces
Abstract The interaction of metalloproteins such as cytochromes with oxides is of interest for a number of reasons, including molecular catalysis of environmentally important mineral-solutionExpand
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Structural and redox properties of mitochondrial cytochrome c co-sorbed with phosphate on hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) surfaces.
The interaction of metalloproteins with oxides has implications not only for bioanalytical systems and biosensors but also in the areas of biomimetic photovoltaic devices, bioremediation, andExpand
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Redox-linked conformation change and electron transfer between monoheme c-type cytochromes and oxides
Electron transfer between redox active proteins and mineral oxides is important in a variety of natural as well as technological processes, including electron transfer from dissimilatoryExpand
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A new paravian dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of North America supports a late acquisition of avian flight
The last two decades have seen a remarkable increase in the known diversity of basal avialans and their paravian relatives. The lack of resolution in the relationships of these groups combined withExpand
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Sorption and Direct Electrochemistry of Mitochondrial Cytochrome C on Hematite Surfaces
The interaction of cytochromes (heme proteins) with mineral surfaces is important from an environmental perspective (e.g. heavy metal remediation and reductive dehalogenation reactions), forExpand
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Developmental Failure of Segmentation in a Caudal Vertebra of Apatosaurus (Sauropoda)
  • D. Lovelace
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  • 1 July 2014
A vertebral element assigned to an Apatosaurus cf. ajax from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation is described. The specimen exhibits an unusual morphology where two vertebrae are nearly seamlesslyExpand
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Modeling Dragons: Using linked mechanistic physiological and microclimate models to explore environmental, physiological, and morphological constraints on the early evolution of dinosaurs
We employed the widely-tested biophysiological modeling software, Niche Mapper™ to investigate the metabolic function of the Late Triassic dinosaurs Plateosaurus and Coelophysis during globalExpand
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