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Construction of a 3D-shaped, natural product like fragment library by fragmentation and diversification of natural products.
A fragment library consisting of 3D-shaped, natural product-like fragments was assembled. Library construction was mainly performed by natural product degradation and natural product diversificationExpand
Bioorthogonal Probes for the Study of MDM2-p53 Inhibitors in Cells and Development of High-Content Screening Assays for Drug Discovery.
To study the behavior of MDM2-p53 inhibitors in a disease-relevant cellular model, we have developed and validated a set of bioorthogonal probes that can be fluorescently labeled in cells and used inExpand
Concise synthesis of (+/-)-horsfiline and (+/-)-coerulescine by tandem cyclisation of iodoaryl alkenyl azides.
  • D. Lizos, J. Murphy
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Organic & biomolecular chemistry
  • 19 December 2003
A brief, efficient and economical synthesis of the spiropyrrolidinyloxindoles, horsfiline and coerulescine, has been achieved, starting from itaconic acid and, respectively, p-anisidine orExpand
Total synthesis and biological evaluation of halipeptins A and D and analogues.
The marine-derived halipeptins A (1a) and D (1d) and their analogues 3a, 3d and 4a, 4d were synthesized starting from building blocks 10, 13, 14a or 14d, 15, and 16. The first strategy for assemblingExpand
Total synthesis and structural revision of vannusals A and B: synthesis of the originally assigned structure of vannusal B.
The total synthesis of the originally assigned structure of vannusal B (2) and its diastereomer (d-2) are described. Initial forays into these structures with model systems revealed the viability ofExpand
Total synthesis of halipeptins: isolation of halipeptin D and synthesis of oxazoline halipeptin analogues.
The isolation from the marine sponge Leiosella cf. arenifibrosa and structural elucidation of halipeptin D (5), a relative of the previously isolated halipeptins A-C (1-3), is described along withExpand
1,4-pentadienyl-3-sulfonamides: frameworks for "disfavored" radical cascade cyclizations.
[reaction: see text]. 1,4-pentadienyl-3-sulfonamides afford products including those resulting from disfavored 5-endo-trig reactions when subjected to radical cyclization conditions. ProductsExpand