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Algorithms and approaches for processing an output signal from lab-on-a-chip devices in bioanalysis
Algorithms and approaches used for implementing software for processing an image output signal from microfluidic devices, utilized in analysis of biological cells in lab-chips for bioanalysis are presented. Expand
Inkjet 3D printed check microvalve
3D printing enables fast and relatively easy fabrication of various microfluidic structures including microvalves. A check microvalve is the simplest valve enabling control of the fluid flow inExpand
Researching Measured and Modeled Traffic with Self-similar Properties for Ateb-Modeling Method Improvement
Improvements in the traffic behavior modeling method based on the consideration of traffic self-similarity properties was proposed: R/S plot method and V/S analysis method for calculating the Hurst parameter. Expand
Measurement set-up for lab-on-a-chip fluorimetric detection
New measurement set-up for lab-on-a-chip fluorimetric detection which consists of silicon-glass LOC microreactor, detection unit with CCD-sensor, semiconductor laser module and dedicated software and unique image-processing algorithm provides real-time fluorescence signal analysis and databasing. Expand
MEMS cytometer for porcine oocyte deformation measurement
Mechanical properties of cells are indicators of biological potential, quality and presumptive pathological status. Mammalian oocytes are particularly important cells from the point of view ofExpand
Cells modeling approaches for microfluidic biodevices
in this paper concept of approach for the detection and measurement in the biomedical analisys device based on cells deflection is presented.
Lab-on-Chip Platform for Culturing and Dynamic Evaluation of Cells Development
This paper presents a full-featured microfluidic platform ensuring long-term culturing and behavioral analysis of the radically different biological micro-objects, showing their notable population growth, high mobility, and taxis mechanisms. Expand
Comparison of algorithms for detection and real-time tracking of living microorganisms in lab-on-a-chip devices
Algorithms and methods for cell detecting, obtaining their parameters and multiparametric cell tracking in lab-on-a-chip techniques were presented and discussed from the point of real-time detection. Expand
Cell detection and tracking in lab-on-a-chip devices by image processing
This paper is devoted to the usage of image processing techniques in lab-on-a-chip devices for a cell detection and tracking. Advantages and disadvantages of image processing in data acquisition fromExpand
An Overview of Ateb-Theory Mathematical Apparatus for Data Confidentiality in Medical Computer Networks
The proposed Ateb-transform algebra and developed software traffic analyzer can be used for further testing and investigation of medical computer networks traffic samples, collected from other computer network topologies. Expand