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The Geographical Tradition: Episodes in the History of a Contested Enterprise
Preface. 1. Should the History of Geography be X-Rated? Telling Geography's Story. 2. Of Myths and Maps: Geography in the Age of Reconnaissance. 3. Revolution, Celestial and Terrestrial: GeographyExpand
Sage Handbook of Geographical Knowledge
Introduction - John A. Agnew and David N. Livingstone PART ONE: ORIENTATIONS Geography's Geneologies - Robert J. Mayhew Geography's Narratives and Intellectual History - Charles W. J. Withers PARTExpand
Putting Science in its Place: Geographies of Scientific Knowledge
We are accustomed to thinking of science and its findings as universal. After all, one atom of carbon plus two of oxygen yields carbon dioxide in Amazonia as well as in Alaska; a scientist in BombayExpand
Science, Text and Space : thoughts on the geography of reading
The idea of a ‘geography of reading’ provides a potential point of conversation between the cultural and scientific wings of our profession. Here I explore some dimensions of the geography of readingExpand
The Spaces of Knowledge: Contributions towards a Historical Geography of Science
In recent times there has been a remarkable spatial turn within a variety of academic discourses. Historians, social theorists, anthropologists, and philosophers have all redrawn attention to theExpand
Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
VIEW of the Net Revenue of the Customs at St. Paul de Loanda in quinquennial periods from 1818-19 to 1843-44, both included; and thence in each year to 1848-49.Expand
Race, space and moral climatology: notes toward a genealogy
Abstract This paper is a contribution to the genealogy of the presupposition that climatic zones and their inhabitants may legitimately be portrayed in the vocabulary of moral judgement. Focusing onExpand