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Systematic analysis of human telomeric dysfunction using inducible telosome/shelterin CRISPR/Cas9 knockout cells
CRISPR/Cas9 technology enables efficient loss-of-function analysis of human genes using somatic cells. Studies of essential genes, however, require conditional knockout (KO) cells. Here, we describeExpand
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Glycerol kinase-like proteins cooperate with Pld6 in regulating sperm mitochondrial sheath formation and male fertility
Spermatids undergo the final steps of maturation during spermiogenesis, a process that necessitates extensive rearrangement of organelles such as the mitochondria. Male infertility has been linked toExpand
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Genetic association of cyclic AMP signaling genes with bipolar disorder
The genetic basis for bipolar disorder (BPD) is complex with the involvement of multiple genes. As it is well established that cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) signaling regulates behavior, weExpand
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Aurora-A promotes the establishment of spindle assembly checkpoint by priming the Haspin-Aurora-B feedback loop in late G2 phase
Aurora-A kinase functions mainly in centrosome maturation, separation and spindle formation. It has also been found to be amplified or overexpressed in a range of solid tumors, which is linked withExpand
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SmedOB1 is Required for Planarian Homeostasis and Regeneration
The planarian flatworm is an emerging model that is useful for studying homeostasis and regeneration due to its unique adult stem cells (ASCs). Previously, planaria were found to share mammalianExpand
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China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme: Evolution, Design and Impacts
Contents: Rural Health Insurance Scheme - Impact Evaluation - Consumer Choice - Reimbursement Package Design and Simulation.
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P accumulation and physiological responses to different high P regimes in Polygonum hydropiper for understanding a P-phytoremediation strategy
Phosphorus (P) accumulators used for phytoremediation vary in their potential to acquire P from different high P regimes. Growth and P accumulation in Polygonum hydropiper were both dependent on anExpand
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Prioritization and comprehensive analysis of genes related to major depressive disorder
Abstract Background Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a serious mental health problem in modern society, which is difficult to identify and diagnose in the early stages. Despite strong evidenceExpand
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Clinical Roles of Lung Volumes Detected by Body Plethysmography and Helium Dilution in Asthmatic Patients: A Correlation and Diagnosis Analysis
Roles of lung volumes in asthma remain controversial. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of lung volumes in differentiating asthma severity levels. Consecutive outpatients with chronic persistentExpand
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Multi-subject subspace alignment for non-stationary EEG-based emotion recognition
Emotion recognition based on EEG signals is a critical component in Human-Machine collaborative environments and psychiatric health diagnoses. However, EEG patterns have been found to vary acrossExpand
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