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patS minigenes inhibit heterocyst development of Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120.
The patS gene encodes a small peptide that is required for normal heterocyst pattern formation in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120. PatS is proposed to control the heterocyst patternExpand
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hetL overexpression stimulates heterocyst formation in Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120.
The cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 forms single heterocysts about every 10 to 15 vegetative cells along filaments. PatS is thought to be a peptide intercellular signal made by developingExpand
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El Niño (1992) in the equatorial Pacific: low biomass with a few dominating species in the microphytoplankton
As a part of the US Joint Global Ocean Flux Studies, the microphytoplankton cell numbers, volumes and biomass from eight stations on a transect (12S-12°N) on or near 140°W from the cruise of the R/VExpand
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Truncated isoforms of Kap60 facilitate trafficking of Heh2 to the nuclear envelope.
Isoforms of importin-α have been identified in insect and human cells, and cross-linking experiments suggest that at least one isoform in each species participates in the targeting of integralExpand
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A graph-based model for manufacturing complexity
This paper presents a graph-based model to measure the relative manufacturing complexity of and the manufacturing similarity of products in job shop manufacturing systems. This model depicts theExpand
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Proteomic analysis of elite soybean Jidou17 and its parents using iTRAQ-based quantitative approaches
BackgroundDerived from Hobbit as the female parent and Zao5241 as the male parent, the elite soybean cultivar Jidou17 is significantly higher yielding and shows enhanced qualities and strongerExpand
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Opiate receptor characteristics in brains from young, mature and aged mice
Age-related differences in opiate receptors were determined using young (1 month old), mature (3 and 8 months old) and aged (20 months old) mice. 3H-Dihydromorphine binding to mu-receptors in brainExpand
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iTRAQ-based analysis of developmental dynamics in the soybean leaf proteome reveals pathways associated with leaf photosynthetic rate
Photosynthetic rate which acts as a vital limiting factor largely affects the potential of soybean production, especially during the senescence phase. However, the physiological and molecularExpand
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A fast threshold segmentation method for froth image base on the pixel distribution characteristic
With the increase of the camera resolution, the number of pixels contained in froth image is increased, which brings many challenges to image segmentation. Froth size and distribution are theExpand
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SU‐FF‐J‐84: Integration Of 3D Stereovision System In Image‐Guided Radiotherapy: A DICOM‐Based Method
Purpose: To seamlessly integrate a 3D stereovision system (or 3D camera in short) with complex planning and treatment systems and implement a 3D image‐guided patient positioning for radiotherapy ofExpand
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