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A-803467, a potent and selective Nav1.8 sodium channel blocker, attenuates neuropathic and inflammatory pain in the rat
A-803467 is found, a sodium channel blocker that potently blocks tetrodotoxin-resistant currents and the generation of spontaneous and electrically evoked action potentials in vitro in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons and produces significant antinociception in animal models of neuropathic and inflammatory pain. Expand
Neoechinulin B and its analogues as potential entry inhibitors of influenza viruses, targeting viral hemagglutinin.
The high potency and broad-spectrum activities against influenza viruses with less drug resistance make neoechinulin B as a new lead for the development of potential inhibitor of influenza viruses. Expand
Effects of plant diversity on nutrient retention and enzyme activities in a full-scale constructed wetland.
It is concluded that plant species richness influenced nutrient retention and enzyme activities in the substrate in the authors' subtropical CW; increase plant species species richness in CW will likely improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment. Expand
Distribution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in chicken manure and manure-fertilized vegetables
Investigation of the distribution and composition of ARBs in chicken manure and fertilized vegetables indicated that the chicken manure dominantly harbored Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Synergistetes and Proteobacteria and that Bacteroids was significantly enhanced in farms utilizing antibiotics. Expand
Purification, characterization and biological activity on hepatocytes of a polysaccharide from Flammulina velutipes mycelium
Abstract A water-soluble polysaccharide named as FVP2 has been isolated from Flammulina velutipes mycelium by hot water extraction, anion-exchange and gel-permeation chromatography. Structure studyExpand
Biobutanol production in a Clostridium acetobutylicum biofilm reactor integrated with simultaneous product recovery by adsorption
Compared to the conventional process, the integrated process dramatically improved the productivity and reduced the energy consumption as well as water usage in biobutanol production. Expand
Changes in autophagy in rats after spinal cord injury and the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on autophagy
HBO treatment enhances autophagy expression in rats after SCI and accelerates cell repair rate, which may represent one of the mechanisms of action of HBO in the treatment of SCI. Expand
Pharmacological characterization of potent and selective NaV1.7 inhibitors engineered from Chilobrachys jingzhao tarantula venom peptide JzTx-V
In an effort to identify more potent leads compared to the previously reported GpTx-1 peptide series, electrophysiology screening of fractionated tarantula venom discovered the NaV1.7 inhibitory peptide JzTx-V from the Chinese earth tigerTarantula Chilobrachys jingzhao, with potent and selective peptide leads AM-8145 and AM-0422. Expand
Towards understanding the influence of porosity on mechanical and fracture behaviour of quasi-brittle materials: experiments and modelling
Based on the known porosity, a 3D model of each microstructure has been built and the deformation and fracture was computed using a lattice-based multi-scale finite element model, which predicted similar trends as the experimental results and was able to quantify the fractured sites. Expand
Varioxiranols I-L, new lactones from a sponge-associated Emericella variecolor fungus
Abstract Chemical examination of the sponge-associated fungus Emericella variecolor resulted in the isolation of four new lactones namely varioxiranols I-L(1–4)with different scaffolds, together withExpand