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Raf-1 Kinase and Exoenzyme S Interact with 14-3-3ζ through a Common Site Involving Lysine 49*
This work identifies the first point mutation (K49E) that dramatically disrupts 14-3-3ζ/ligand interactions and the parallel effects of this single point mutation on both Raf-1 binding and ExoS activation strongly suggest that diverse associated proteins share a common structural binding determinant on 14- 3- 3ζ. Expand
Enhanced butanol production by modulation of electron flow in Clostridium acetobutylicum B3 immobilized by surface adsorption.
Stoichiometric network analysis revealed that NAD(P)H that had escaped from the fermentation as H2 limited the butanol yield and led to the accumulation of oxidation byproducts, e.g., acetone. Expand
Prenatal and postnatal antibiotic exposure influences the gut microbiota of preterm infants in neonatal intensive care units
The early gut microbiota of preterm infants with prenatal and postnatal antibiotic exposure was similar to resistant bacteria in NICU during the same period, and Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in ICU may play a role in reshaping the early gut microbiome of pre term infants. Expand
Digital Communication Media Use and Psychological Well-Being: A Meta-Analysis
It is proposed that phone calls and texting improve well-being, while use of social network sites (SNSs), instant messaging (IM), and online gaming may displace other social contacts and, thereby, impairWell-being. Expand
Gravitational wave astronomy: the current status
In the centenary year of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, this paper reviews the current status of gravitational wave astronomy across a spectrum which stretches from attohertz to kilohertzExpand
Discovery and optimization of aminopyrimidinones as potent and state-dependent Nav1.7 antagonists.
The discovery, optimization, and SAR of potent aminopyrimidinone Nav1.7 antagonists are described using electrophysiology-based assays that measure the ligand-receptor interaction directly and enable exploration of SAR and of pharmacokinetic properties. Expand
Supervisory consequences of abusive supervision: An investigation of sense of power, managerial self-efficacy, and task-oriented leadership behavior
Abstract While a large number of studies have shown the detrimental effects of abusive supervision on subordinates’ work attitudes and outcomes, little is known about how abusive supervision impactsExpand
Purification, Characterization and Inhibition of Alanine Racemase from a Pathogenic Strain of Streptococcus iniae
The 50% inhibitory concentrations (IC50) values and antibiotic activity of two alanine racemase inhibitors were determined and found to be effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria employed in this study. Expand
Rice Irrigation Schedule Optimization Based on the AquaCrop Model: Study of the Longtouqiao Irrigation District
As a crop with high water consumption, rice is an important measure of efforts to improve agricultural irrigation efficiency and alleviate the contradiction between the supply and demand ofExpand
The next detectors for gravitational wave astronomy
This paper presents an analysis of the sensitivity of an 8 km armlength detector, which is proposed as a safe and cost-effective means to attain a 4-fold improvement in sensitivity. Expand