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Ferromagnetism in suspensions of magnetic platelets in liquid crystal
N nanometre-sized ferromagnetic platelets suspended in a nematic liquid crystal can order ferromagnetically on quenching from the isotropic phase, and may find use in magneto-optic devices. Expand
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ba‐Hexaferrite Nanoparticles
Barium hexaferrite BaFe12O19 nanoparticles with a single-domain size were synthesized using a controlled hydrothermal process involving the LaMer–Dinger principle and the Ostwald ripening mechanism.Expand
Magneto-optic and converse magnetoelectric effects in a ferromagnetic liquid crystal.
Observations are observed of effects, which are not present in a pure NLC and are a consequence of the coupling between the nematic director and the magnetization. Expand
Synthesis and characterization of Mg1+xFe2−2xTixO4 nanoparticles with an adjustable Curie point
Abstract Mg 1+ x Fe 2−2 x Ti x O 4 ferrite nanoparticles for Self-Regulating Magnetic-Fluid Hyperthermia were synthesized by the co-precipitation of Fe 3+ , Mg 2+ and Ti 4+ ions using NaOH. TheExpand
Magneto-optic dynamics in a ferromagnetic nematic liquid crystal.
It is demonstrated that the experimentally studied macroscopic dynamic behavior reveals the importance of a dynamic cross-coupling between M and n, and that in the usual experimental setup used for measuring the relaxation rates of the splay- bend or twist-bend eigenmodes of a nematic liquid crystal one expects for a ferromagnetic nematics liquid crystal a mixture of at least two eigenModes. Expand
Hydrothermal synthesis of ultrafine barium hexaferrite nanoparticles and the preparation of their stable suspensions.
It is shown that the secondary re-crystallization can be totally suppressed with the use of an oleic acid surfactant, which enabled the synthesis of uniform, ultrafine nanoparticles at temperatures up to 240 degrees C. Expand
Chemical Substitution—An Alternative Strategy for Controlling the Particle Size of Barium Ferrite
Barium ferrite nanoplates with the nominal composition BaFe12–xMxO19, where M = Sc, In, or Cr and x = 0–0.5, were hydrothermally synthesized at 160 and 240 °C. The incorporation of the substituentExpand
Critical Considerations on the Clinical Translation of Upconversion Nanoparticles (UCNPs): Recommendations from the European Upconversion Network (COST Action CM1403).
The status of nanotoxicity research on UCNPs is compared to other nanomaterials, and routes for the translation ofUCNPs into clinical applications are delineated. Expand
Dynamic Magneto-optic Coupling in a Ferromagnetic Nematic Liquid Crystal.
The dynamics of the magneto-optic response is investigated experimentally and theoretically and it is found that it is significantly affected by the dissipative dynamic cross-coupling between the nematic and magnetic order parameters. Expand
The thermal stability range and magnetic properties of U-type hexaferrites
Abstract Single-phase polycrystalline U-hexaferrites with the composition Ba4A2Fe36O60 (A=Co, Ni, Zn) were prepared by solid-state reaction synthesis employing high-energy milling or topotacticExpand