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As a regional,real-time and dynamic monitoring means,the microseismic monitoring technology is quite feasible to forecast several geological hazards,such as rockburst,mine tremor,coal and gasExpand
Theory and Key Technology for Mine Internet of Things
According to the requirements of the mine safety production monitoring and measuring,the monitoring and control,the early warning and emergency rescue,the paper proposed that based on the industrialExpand
Controlled Weakening Mechanism of Dynamic Catastrophe of Coal and Rock and Its Practice
The essential of coal and rock dynamic catastrophe is the self-organizing critical process of energy accumulation and dissipation.If the elastic energy accumulatedin coal and rock mass reaches theExpand
The anti-arc overlying strata structure induced mechanism and control of isolated corner coal pillar working face
In order to effectively control rock burst disaster due to the process of corner coal pillar recovery,it is available to use the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation to analyze theExpand
3D simulation on caving of face affected by irregular pillor
Based on the mining geological condition of a practical long-wall mining panel in 9202 face,Sanhejian Mine,influence of pillar remained after mining of upper coal seam to the mining of lower coalExpand
Study on Upper Liberated Seam Mining to Pressure Releasing Function of Low Seam
Based on the geological conditions and mining parameters of the coal mining face in No.12 mining block of Jining No.3 Mine,a similar simulation in the lab was conducted on the mining process of theExpand
Study on the Improvement of the Microseismic Network Configuration for San He-Jian Coal Mine
Abstract Two seismically active regions and also the occurrence probabilities of strong mining-induced tremors of them are determined by the comprehensive index method to improve the monitoringExpand
Monitoring the rock activity around a tunnel with AE
The purpose of this paper is to determine the activities of rock deformation and failure around a tunnel, and to guaed the safety of a high building over the tunnel. The activities of building andExpand
Discussion on Relationship Between Mining Layout of Coal Mining Face and Rockburst in Geological Fold Area
In order to improve the prevention and control level of the rockburst occurred from the fold area,based on the summarization of the features of the rockburst occurred from the fold area,the paperExpand