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Efficient association mapping of quantitative trait loci with selective genotyping.
  • B. Huang, D. Lin
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of human genetics
  • 1 March 2007
Selective genotyping (i.e., genotyping only those individuals with extreme phenotypes) can greatly improve the power to detect and map quantitative trait loci in genetic association studies. BecauseExpand
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Establishing a DNA identification system for pigs (Sus scrofa) using a multiplex STR amplification.
In this study we establish a novel STR multiplex using 13 tetra-nucleotide STRs and the amelogenin marker for the forensic identification of pigs. The genotypes and allele frequency were generatedExpand
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Association of heat shock protein 70 gene polymorphisms with acute thermal tolerance, growth, and egg production traits of native chickens in Taiwan
Abstract. Heat stress is among the most challenging environmental conditions affecting commercial poultry. It severely affects growth and egg production, particularly in tropical and subtropicalExpand
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Complete mitochondrial genome of Microphysogobio alticorpus (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae)
Abstract In this study, we determined the complete mitochondrial (mt) genome of Microphysogobio alticorpus (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae). This mt genome, consisting of 16,568 base pairs (bp), encodedExpand
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Polymorphic microsatellite loci isolated from Cervus unicolor (Cervidae) show inbreeding in a domesticated population of Taiwan Sambar deer.
Primers for eight microsatellites were developed; they successfully amplified DNA from 20 domesticated Formosan Sambar deer (Cervus unicolor swinhoei). All loci were polymorphic, with 10-19 allelesExpand
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Protein Contact Prediction Based on Protein Sequences
The inter-residue contacts in a protein impact the formation of its protein folds, which plays a critical role in building protein structures. In this paper, we propose a classification method toExpand