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Police and the prevention of Crime: Commerce, temptation and the corruption of the Body Politic, from Fielding to Colquhoun
The prevention of crime is central to the ideology of the modern criminal justice system. Prevention is generally seen as a humane alternative to the punishment of an offence after it has been
Adam Smith on Justice, Rights, and Law
The article examines the theory of rights and law that Adam Smith presented in the 1760's in his University of Glasgow Lectures on Jurisprudence. It supplies an overview of an important and
Bentham's Democracy
The Province of Legislation Determined: Legal Theory in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Preface Abbreviations Introduction Part I. Blackstone and the Commentaries: 1. The law of England 2. Blackstone's science of legislation Part II. The Judiciary: 3. Equity, principle and precedent 4.
Legal issues in the reproductive health care of adolescents.
This paper will identify recent threats to adolescent reproductive health care, analyze informed consent and confidentiality in the context of adolescent care, review minors' constitutional rights, and review the legal framework governing adolescent care in New York State.
Blackstone's Science of Legislation
In 1795, Dugald Stewart, the professor of moral philosophy at the University of Edinburgh and reigning Athenian of the North, observed in a famous estimate of the career of Adam Smith that “the most
Physician-only and physician assistant statutes: a case of perceived but unfounded conflict.
Examining the statutory dynamic against the backdrop of the severe and intensifying shortage of trained abortion providers in the United States concludes that the perceived conflict between physician-only and PA statutes should not preclude PAs from providing this vital service.
Sorting the Revolutionary from the Terrorist: The Delicate Application of the Political Offense Exception in U.S. Extradition Cases
* J.D., Stanford Law School, 2006. Law Clerk to the Honorable Barry G. Silverman, U.S. Cour of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 2006-2007. I am grateful to Jenny Marti ez and Robert Weisberg for their