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The role of amine structure on catalytic activity for silylation reactions with Cab-O-Sil
Abstract Reactions between trimethoxymethylsilane and Cab-O-Sil in toluene were conducted in the presence of ethylamine, diethylamine, triethylamine, ammonia, and pyridine. Amines with exchangeableExpand
Reflectance FTIR investigations of the reactions of silanes on silica surfaces
CIR sampling has been used to demonstrate that the antimicrobial silane SiQAC is stable hydrolysis in aqueous solution at near neutral pH values. However, rapid hydrolysis occurs in mildly acidicExpand
Scientific assessment of the use of sugars as cigarette tobacco ingredients: A review of published and other publicly available studies
T thorough examination of the data available suggests that the use of sugars as ingredients in cigarette tobacco does not increase the inherent risk and harm of cigarette smoking. Expand
Characterization and application of silylated substrates for the preconcentration of cations
Abstract Chelating functional groups immobilized on silica and controlled pore glass beads are used to preconcentrate cations from aqueous solution in the concentration region of ng ml−1. TheExpand
The contribution of dietary nicotine and dietary cotinine to salivary cotinine levels as a nicotine biomarker
Abstract Dietary nicotine, as a source of nicotine biomarkers such as salivary cotinine, has been a controversial topic, mainly because of limited published data on nicotine in foods. Recently, aExpand