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Long-term risk of CKD in children surviving episodes of acute kidney injury in the intensive care unit: a prospective cohort study.
BACKGROUND The development of standardized acute kidney injury (AKI) definitions has allowed for a better understanding of AKI epidemiology, but the long-term renal outcomes of AKI in the pediatricExpand
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Neural dynamics of attentionally modulated Pavlovian conditioning: blocking, interstimulus interval, and secondary reinforcement.
Selective information processing in neural networks is studied through computer simulations of Pavlovian conditioning data. The model reproduces properties of blocking, inverted-U in learning as aExpand
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Introduction to Neural and Cognitive Modeling
From the Publisher: This thoroughly and thoughtfully revised edition makes the principles and the details of neural network modeling accessible to cognitive scientists of all varieties as well asExpand
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A multicenter randomized controlled evaluation of automated home monitoring and telephonic disease management in patients recently hospitalized for congestive heart failure: the SPAN-CHF II trial.
BACKGROUND We performed a prospective, randomized investigation assessing the incremental effect of automated health monitoring (AHM) technology over and above that of a previously described nurseExpand
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Nurture, Nature, and Caring: We Are Not Prisoners of Our Genes
This article develops a theory for how caringbehavior fits into the makeup of humans andother mammals. Biochemical evidence for threemajor patterns of response to stressful orotherwise complexExpand
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Some developmental and attentional biases in the contrast enhancement and short term memory of recurrent neural networks.
This paper studies the global dynamics of neurons, or neuron populations, in a recurrent on-center off-surround anatomy undergoing nonlinear shunting interactions. In such an anatomy, a givenExpand
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Modeling some effects of frontal lobe damage--Novelty and perseveration
Abstract Neural networks are presented which simulate some behavioral effects of frontal lobe damage. On some cognitive tasks, frontal lesions cause perserveration of formerly rewarding choices ofExpand
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Fundamentals of Neural Network Modeling: Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
From the Publisher: Over the past few years, computer modeling has become more prevalent in the clinical sciences as an alternative to traditional symbol-processing models. This book provides anExpand
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Neural network modeling of emotion
Abstract This article reviews the history and development of computational neural network modeling of cognitive and behavioral processes that involve emotion. The exposition starts with models ofExpand
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Visual illusions in neural networks: line neutralization, tilt after effect, and angle expansion.
Abstract Certain visual illusions occur in neural networks that are capable of storing partially contrasted enhanced spatial patterns in short term memory (STM), and whose feature detectors areExpand
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