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Osmotic Requirement for Shoot Formation in Tobacco Callus
The success in partially replacing the sucrose requirement for shoot formation with mannitol supports the view that part of the tissue carbohydrate is acting in an osmoregulatory role and is further interpreted in terms of the hypothesis of turgor-driven growth and cell expansion.
Variations in Phytoremediation Performance with Diesel-Contaminated Soil
The research concludes that an understanding of root development is crucial to evaluating the potential for ryegrass phytoremediation, and that rooting intensity is the key factor leading to higher TPH loss rates in the smaller containers.
Relationship between Disease Resistance and Rice Oxalate Oxidases in Transgenic Rice
It was found that transgenic rice plants with substantially higher OxO activity were not more resistant to rice blast and bacterial blight than WT while some overexpressing lines were more susceptible to rice Blast than WT.
Starch Accumulation Is Associated with Adventitious Root Formation in Hypocotyl Cuttings of Pinus radiata
Starch began to build up preferentially in cells involved in or in close proximity to potential sites of newRoot primordium formation before any visible organized root primordia and then began to disappear during root primORDia formation in Pinus radiata pine.
Development of Cadmium-Safe Crop Cultivars: A Mini Review
ABSTRACT Natural variation in cadmium (Cd) uptake and accumulation has been found between different cultivars of a crop plant as well as among different plant species although Cd uptake can be
Diet factors responsible for the change of the glucose oxidase activity in labial salivary glands of Helicoverpa armigera.
Sugar in diets was a major factor influencing the labial salivary GOX activity of the larvae, and was hypothesized that sugars and secondary metabolites are the possible causes of induction of GoX activity.