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A partially open porous media flow with chaotic advection: towards a model of coupled fields
In nature, dissipative fluxes of fluid, heat and/or reacting species couple to each other and may also couple to deformation of a surrounding porous matrix. We use the well-known analogy of Hele–ShawExpand
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An experimental and theoretical study of the mixing characteristics of a periodically reoriented irrotational flow
The minimum-energy method to generate chaotic advection should be to use an irrotational flow. However, irrotational flows have no saddle connections to perturb in order to generate chaotic orbits.Expand
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Stochastic relationships for periodic responses in randomly heterogeneous aquifers
[1] The aim of this work is to develop a theoretical framework for the analysis of groundwater head oscillations commonly observed in bores near boundaries of surface water bodies that are subject toExpand
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Interactional practices and artifact orientation in mobile augmented reality game play
In an effort to better understand the ways that small groups use digital technology as they move through a physical environment, this paper describes the methods used by groups of three people to maintain a group participation structure as they accomplish a quest-type task during mobile augmented reality game play. Expand
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The fucose salvage pathway inhibits invadopodia formation and extracellular matrix degradation in melanoma cells
The fucose salvage pathway is a two-step process in which mammalian cells transform L-fucose into GDP-L-fucose, a universal fucose donor used by fucosyltransferases to modify glycans. EmergingExpand
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Hydrodynamic drift ratchet scalability
The rectilinear "drift" of particles in a hydrodynamic drift ratchet arises from a combination of diffusive motion and particle-wall hydrodynamic interactions, and is therefore dependent on particleExpand
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Potential astrophysics science missions enabled by NASA's planned Ares V
NASA's planned Ares V cargo launch vehicle with its 10 m diameter fairing and ~60,000 kg payload mass to L2 offers the potential to launch entirely new classes of missions, such as 8-m monolithicExpand
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Harrow Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Service
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Adult Speech and Language Therapy
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