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Entropy-Based Approach for the Detection of Changes in Arabic Newspapers’ Content
A new method for the recognition of meaningful changes in social state based on transformations of the linguistic content in Arabic newspapers is suggested. Expand
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The paper proposes a new approach for intrinsic plagiarism detec- tion, based on a new unique method, which enables identifying style changes in a text using novel chronology-based similarityExpand
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Noncommutative unfolding of hypersurface singularity
A version of Kontsevich Formality theorem is proven for smooth DG algebras. As an application of this, it is proven that any quasiclassical datum of noncommutative unfolding of an isolated surfaceExpand
Formality theorem and bialgebra deformations
In this paper we prove formality of the exterior algebra on V+V* endowed with the big bracket considered as a graded Poisson algebra. We also discuss connection of this result to bialgebraExpand
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A "Sentimental Analysis" of Computer-Generated Papers