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Two Miracles of General Relativity
We approach the physics of minimal coupling in general relativity, demonstrating that in certain circumstances this leads to (apparent) violations of the strong equivalence principle, which statesExpand
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Chapter 5 Is Spacetime a Gravitational Field
Abstract I point out that the often voiced claim that in the general theory of relativity (GR) geometry and gravity are ‘associated’ with each other can be understood in three different ways. TheExpand
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Towards a Theory of Spacetime Theories
I begin by reviewing some recent work on the status of the geodesic principle in general relativity and the geometrized formulation of Newtonian gravitation. I then turn to the question of whetherExpand
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Mass–Energy–Momentum: Only there Because of Spacetime?
  • D. Lehmkuhl
  • Physics
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 September 2011
I describe how relativistic field theory generalizes the paradigm property of material systems, the possession of mass, to the requirement that they have a mass–energy–momentum density tensor TμνExpand
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Insects of the Saskatchewan River System in Saskatchewan
The diversity of aquatic insects in the Saskatchewan River system in Saskatchewan is high. This reflects the postglacial recruitment of species from as far away as the Colorado River system andExpand
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Introduction: Towards A Theory of Spacetime Theories
The title of this book—Towards a Theory of Spacetime Theories—is an attempt at false modesty. Or, rather, maybe: an act of an unreasonable raising of the chin in the face of a task supposedlyExpand
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[Evaluation of the "initiative pain-free clinic" for quality improvement in postoperative pain management. A prospective controlled study].
AIM Demonstration of improved postoperative pain management by implementation of the S3 guidelines on treatment of acute perioperative and posttraumatic pain, by the integrated quality managementExpand
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The Metaphysics of Super-Substantivalism
Recent decades have seen a revived interest in super-substantivalism, the idea that spacetime is the only fundamental substance and matter some kind of aspect, property or consequence of spacetimeExpand
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Dark Matter = Modified Gravity? Scrutinising the spacetime-matter distinction through the modified gravity/ dark matter lens
This paper scrutinises the tenability of a strict conceptual distinction between space(time) and matter via the lens of the debate between modified gravity and dark matter. In particular, we considerExpand
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