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Segmentation of brain electrical activity into microstates: model estimation and validation
A precise mathematical formulation of the model for evoked potential recordings is presented, where the microstates are represented as normalized vectors constituted by scalp electric potentials due to the underlying generators.
Functional imaging with low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (LORETA): a review.
This paper reviews several recent publications that have successfully used the functional brain imaging method known as LORETA, and places it at a level that compares favorably to the more classical functional imaging methods, such as PET and fMRI.
Assessing interactions in the brain with exact low-resolution electromagnetic tomography
A solution to this inverse problem that attains exact localization: exact low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (eLORETA) is reported, which yields high time-resolution intracranial signals that can be used for assessing functional dynamic connectivity in the brain.
Millisecond by Millisecond, Year by Year: Normative EEG Microstates and Developmental Stages
Most studies of continuous EEG data have used frequency transformation, which allows the quantification of brain states that vary over seconds. For the analysis of shorter, transient EEG events, it
Principles of spatial analysis
EEG alpha map series: brain micro-states by space-oriented adaptive segmentation.